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While you may not have control over the economy, you do have control over the actions that you take.Savings Guide is a blog about saving money, getting out of debt and finding ways to make money with your savings.Women face particular concerns when it comes to retirement savings.

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You can save time on social media, provided you plan well and work smart.We have the holidays that come along with gifts and parties, travel to see family and.NV Energy proudly serves Nevada with a service area covering 46,000 square miles.This is the time of the year when we start to spend more money.My husband and I recently moved into a new home so we are thinking about installing a new furnace or heat pump.

I am going to have someone come out this summer and give it a tune up.These 10 easy driving tips could help you save as much as 20 percent on gasoline.I like your tip about maintaining your heating system by following the guidelines that came with it.Being single presents some unique financial planning challenges.

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Heating expenses can get out of hand in the winter months, especially if your home has hidden leaks or large spaces to keep warm.

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We spent a lot last winter on heating and are hoping to cut it this year.When you talk about tips for saving battery life on your iPhone,.

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From renewables to green initiatives, caring for our environment is an important part of what we do every day.Explore this guide from Better Money Habits for tips on saving money.Caulking and weatherstripping are both cost-effective ways to close off small openings.

I had the hardest time keeping my home warm this last winter.If it is time to upgrade your entire heating system, consider installing a heat pump.There are many things you can do right now to start saving energy and cutting down on costs.

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I just try to use throw rugs and wear slippers in the house during the winter.My husband and I are in the process of having a home built, and we were considering having solar panels installed.Rather than generating its own heat, a heat pump exchanges cold and warm air between your house and an outside source.

As many millennials know, saving money is often a lot easier said than done, especially when earning a starting salary.

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Here are some real savings you can make for the year ahead. 1. Pay for prescriptions in advance.If your current bank account charges you fees, you might consider switching to a bank that offers you ways to.

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When your income is low, saving is necessary for a better future.

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Here are a few suggestions for keeping your energy use and expenses in check while keeping everyone in your home happy.As we head into December, Americans are scrambling to book a cheap holiday flight before 2013 comes to a close.

Everybody wants to save money, but if you need to do it fast, there are a few quick tricks that will help you manage your budget. To save.Thanks for these tips on saving energy when it comes to heating.